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Internet-trolls are bullies that harass people in social media and through digital channels, usually anonymously or hiding behind a pseudonym. This is a global problem that occupies especially girls. Featured in this film are eight girls from different backgrounds who have experienced harassing comments on the Internet. They all refuse to be victimized by the trolls. With humor, irony and attitude they fight back, and inspire girls all over the world to do the same. As a brand for girls, by girls, Kari Traa takes a stand in the war against cyber bullying. We are proud to call ourselves trollfighters. Together we can overcome the Internet-trolls!

Helene Drage (28) personal trainer and blogger.
“PT who can’t take care of her body. Guess you have many clients huh?”
To your advantage patheticness cannot be weighed in pounds. If it could you would classify to heavily obese. But I’ve got good news for you – I’m a personal trainer and I know how to get people in shape. In your case I would suggest to get out of your clammy computer room, where you spend hours writing unpleasant things to people you know nothing about. Go outdoors and do something that will actually make you feel good about yourself. A workout may be a good idea. Meanwhile I’ll continue to do my job the best I can.   Because no troll can break me.
Trolls like Robert are constantly looking through the Internet to find people to judge. They want to try to bring people down. Trolls like Robert are usually not very happy about their own life, but by finding faults in other people’s lives, they feel satisfied.
About trolls like Robert

Suzanne Svanevik (19) personal trainer and blogger.
“Suzanne, can I fuck your asshole?”
I would like to tell you a thing or two about a normal behavior: It’s not smart to say everything you think out loud. Especially if what you want to say is about sexually harassing someone. It’s even less smart to write it down and press the “send”-button ON FACEBOOK! For everybody to look at – FOREVER! I suppose you’re not used to girls lifting weights. Maybe you feel threatened because you know I could kick your ass? So you try to pull me down and scare me with your sexist over sharing. Well guess what: The next time you’re sitting in your room watching pics of me and you feel the urge of telling me how you feel – don’t mind, I won´t be there. I’ll be at the gym kicking ass. Because no troll can break me.
Laurent is a women degrader. They use sexist threats to scare women. They have no respect and often overshare what they would like to do to women.
About trolls like Laurent

Tinashe Williamson (29) guest relation manager and model.
“I want to keep the white race clean.”
You probably wanted me to feel bad about this comment. If so, I have to disappoint you. I couldn’t care less about ignorant trolls like you. What worries me though, it reminded me that one day I have to teach my daughter that some people might not like her – only because of the color of her skin.  But I will leave you with a few words the very wise Nelson Mandela said: “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” Unfortunately, I doubt there is an easy way to unlearn hatred. Or is it, Ørjan?

I’ll keep on enjoying life with my husband and daughter. And watch us glow. Because no troll can break me.
Ørjan is a notorious racist. He strongly believes in segregation of the “races”. He is against immigration, and stands by his opinions with full name. He obviously believes that his opinions are of public interest.
About trolls like Ørjan

Tokyo Diiva (28) artist.
“Get out of this ghetto music black girls. Use your brain, not your pussy.”
I think I use a lot of my brain to write good music. If I used my pussy I would’ve had a Grammy by now. To my sisters, Misery loves company. If these people were happy with themselves, I doubt they would be so mean to others. I choose not to read. I choose not to care. Because no troll can break me.
Nina is a prejudice queen on YouTube. She could be mistaken for being a feminist, but feminists should support other females, not judge them. Trolls like Nina are in the intersection between what’s harassment and what’s freedom of speech. She is revealed as a troll because her comment isn’t classified as constructive criticism, but just judgmental criticism.
About trolls like Nina

Annsofi Pettersen (21) artist and former blogger.
“Hi.. I’m from Africa and I’m going to kill you!!!”
Are you really from Africa? If not, you’re more than just an Internet intimidator. You’re a racist, too. Either way, I think it’s time to learn that THIS IS NOT OK! It’s not OK to send death threats to someone and not even having the guts to reveal your real name. Why don’t you find yourself some other hobby? You could start with spending some time on learning how to interact with other human beings? I can assure you that communicating with people without actually telling them that you would like to kill them can do wonders for a person like you. It could actually get you some real friends. Meanwhile I´ll be living my life without being afraid.  Because no troll can break me.
Trolls like Arzhab choose people to hate for various reasons. These trolls spew out unpleasant comments everywhere and anywhere, because all they want is to spread uncertainty and create a bad atmosphere. The identity of this troll was untraceable and couldn’t be found.
About trolls like Arhzab

Johanna Grønneberg Mesa (35) journalist and blogger.
“Nigger loving whore!”
I have no problem dealing with criticism. One can learn from negative comments. But what I don’t like is harassment. If you really want to insult people, you should use something that is true, because nothing of your word-vomit makes sense! I guess you are referring to my husband, because he is from Hawaii, and not white. In case you don’t know: “Nigger” is a term of insult that is used on people from Africa. A “whore” is a term referring to a person selling his/her body for money. I don’t find that a fitting description for a mother and wife. I hope you see this and realize how low you have sunken and how insignificant your meanings are. And if you don´t, I don´t give a damn.  Because no troll can break me.
This anonymous person is a typical Internet troll. These trolls spew out unpleasant comments everywhere and anywhere, because all they want is to spread uncertainty and create a bad atmosphere. The identity of this troll was untraceable and couldn’t be found.
About trolls like “Unknown”

Tanja Amanda Pettersen (18) blogger.
“I should have gassed you with the other jews”
Dear Adolf wanna-be. It’s possible you were asleep through all history lessons, so please let me tell you a little more about your hero. Hitler wasn’t just a regular bad guy, like some avatar from your computer game. He killed all together 11 million people. His second hobby was torture. He didn’t like people who disagreed with him so he pulled out nails of his political opponents, and if that wasn’t enough he killed them too. Along with homosexuals and the physically and mentally disabled. And yes, he sent several million Jews to gas chambers. Mostly mothers and children. To wrap it up, let me tell you one more thing. Your hero was apparently into being urinated and defecated on while having sex. Still a fan? Whatever, I don’t really care. I walk with my head held high.  Because no troll can break me.
Trolls like “Hitler” uses his hatred to write comments. He experiences pleasure from scaring or shocking people. He feels unfairly treated by society, and takes revenge by hating people who believe in themselves and dare to stand out. The identity of this troll was untraceable and couldn’t be found.
About trolls like Hitler

Sofia Sjøstrøm (26) personal trainer and blogger.
“Aren’t you ashamed of spreading the skin and bone image”
The one thing I have learned from these years as a blogger is that you can´t love and be loved by everybody. If you don´t like my blog or my way of showing a healty living, please don´t read it. Im sure you can find a lot of other blogs that fits you better. Remember that your words means something to the person that receive them. Your words can hurt, punish and stay longer than you think. So next time you feel like writing something mean and judgmental, please think again and go scream into a pillow. It will be better for all of us. Btw, your words cant reach me anymore Because no troll can break me.
“Gonken 88” is a typical charmless “know it all”, who believes that he has the right to judge everyone he sees on TV, in the paper or on the Internet. If you choose to be a public person, you deserve to hear what he thinks is wrong about you. The identity of this troll was untraceable and couldn’t be found.
About trolls like “Gonken88”

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