Troll Fighters

Collaboration with MOT

Kari Traa supports the volunteer organization MOT ( and their work against bullying in school. When you buy a product at you can support MOT with 5 NOK.

About the campaign

Internet-trolls are bullies that harass people in social media and through digital channels, usually anonymously or hiding behind a pseudonym. This is a global problem that occupies especially girls. Featured in this film are eight girls from different backgrounds who have experienced harassing comments on the Internet. They all refuse to be victimized by the trolls. With humor, irony and attitude they fight back, and inspire girls all over the world to do the same. As a brand for girls, by girls, Kari Traa takes a stand in the war against cyber bullying. We are proud to call ourselves trollfighters. Together we can overcome the Internet-trolls!

About Kari Traa

Kari Traa is not just a champion freestyle skier with three Olympic medals to her name but also the creator of a successful sportswear brand. Kari’s story begins in Voss, the small town caught between the Norwegian fjords and mountains, where she was born and raised.

Her Norwegian heritage has not only given Kari a talent for sport but also an eye for design and a passion for creativity. She is also passionate about encouraging women to be strong and stand up for themselves and let nothing stand in the way of their dreams. This is why Kari Traa wants to use her clothing brand as a way to focus on one of the most important challenges many women face today. The issue of internet bullying was not a problem when Kari was an active skier, but she wants to fight to prevent how it affects young girls growing up today.